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Training Services for People with Disabilities (TSPD)

Vocational training in computer skills for people with disabilities .

NOTE: This project now has a web site of its own. Please visit The LifeSteps Centre.

Program Objective

To provide the highest quality information technology training program for people with disabilities in North-West India to maximize their employment opportunities.  The program will give priority to training women with disabilities.

This program combines the increasing need in the business and professional communities for trained personnel with computer skills with the needs of people with disabilities for gainful employment.

Program Distinctives


Students in the program will be given a comprehensive training in popular computer application packages - including business, DTP and multi-media applications - data processing and programming.  The emphasis will be to provide training on the most up-to-date technologies.

In addition the program will provide the students with basic business and communications skills  training that will enhance their competitive abilities in the business and corporate world.

The program will also run a placement service. This service will help students find suitable employment opportunities,  and will also provide counseling and other practical assistance as part of an adjustment training program to smooth their integration into their workplace. The placement service will also encourage potential employers to adopt affirmative action personnel policies and to educate them about the competitive abilities of the program graduates.


The course structure is modular in design.  Extensive use will be made of available resources to make computing more accessible for the disabled. Diplomas at appropriate levels will be awarded upon completion of the stipulated requirements for each level.

The three major streams will be: Picture of Student receiving certificate

Program participants will be able to pace their own learning by determining, in consultation with their training advisor, the amount of course-load they should carry in each academic session.

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