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Punjabi Language Publications

The objective of this programme is to make available in the Punjabi language essential study and ministry tools for pastors and other Christian workers. This programme meets a strategic need for evangelistic and discipleship materials as well as more advanced resource tools for pastoral leaders.

In the last quarter of 1995 a Punjabi language translation of John D. Robb's book, Focus! The Power of People Group Thinking, was translated and published. Rev. Sukhwant S. Bhatia's popular and well accepted Christmas tract, Why I Celebrate Christmas, has been translated into Punjabi. Another tool of which the translation has been completed is Evelyn Christensen's A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying. This last is the basis of the Integrated Prayer and Evangelism Training (I-PET) for lay persons that is being promoted by us through the various AD 2000 and other evangelism and church-planting networks such as the Haryana Harvest Network, the MTS Network and the North India Harvest Network.

The proposed PUNJABI STUDY BIBLE will meet an important need for an easily accessible study tool for pastors, preachers, lay persons and others who are interested in the serious study of the Bible.

It is proposed also to produce a manual of basic theology. A seeker's Bible Correspondence Course, tracts and follow-up materials also need to be prepared or translated and published.

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